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Bagby Airfield - news area

Airfield Details

Here are the up to date airfield details, if in doubt always call us!

Be aware that there is INTENSIVE activity during daylight hours 7 days a week in the surrounding area. Baxby, Linton, Dishforth, Sutton Bank, Felixkirk, Topcliffe can be active at any time. Non radio, non transponder gliders and microlights are a speciality. Transit traffic comes through the overhead or extended centre line, often!

Runway 24 has a pronounced 2.6% downslope.

This means (if you are landing downhill) that accurate speed control is vital to avoid that long float and desperate feel for the runway, or alternatively wheel barrowing at high speed down 24.

In light and no wind conditions locals almost invariably land uphill and take off downhill. (If you need advice please ring before departure)

Therefore be aware of mixed direction traffic!

Call 'Bagby Radio' on 123.25Mhz (Radio not always manned but make all calls as normal.) Do not overfly Bagby  or Thirkleby villages. Non radio Aircraft please obtain telephone Briefing. Circuit height 800ft QFE. Join by most direct method but not overhead or deadside.

Circuit  LH to 24, RH to 06                            

Circuit  LH to 33, RH to 15    It is compulsory to route directly over sewage works on 33 departures and 15 arrivals  


Always call the airfield for the latest information on 01845 597385 or 07736775463

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