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Bagby Airfield - content area

Airspace around Bagby

Bagby sits in an 'Area of Intense Aerial Activity' So pay attention to the following details, we shall say these only once! Aircraft can come at you from any direction and at any altitude. With due respect to our fellow airspace users, we are in uncontrolled and we mean uncontrolled airspace!

There are 4 military airfields in close proximity; Dishforth, Leeming, Linton and Topcliffe; from any of those you can experience an eclectic collection of aircraft, almost all at low level though to over 5,000 feet.

We strongly recomend you use the relevant LARS service prior to free calling Bagby on 123.25

In addition to miltary traffic, civilian traffic tends to route north south, again often at relatively low levels, usually just off the end of 24. They may be working Durham Tees Valley or Leeds.

Microlighting takes place from Baxby 3 miles away to the south.

Gliding from Sutton Bank 3 miles to the north and mixed gliding, motor gliding from any of the military airfiields at evenings and weekends!


If you are coming by air our position is N5412.5 W00117.25 _2nm S.E. of Thirsk and 3nm East of RAF Topcliffe. MATZ clearance must be obtained from Leeming on 127.75MHz or Topcliffe on 125.00Mhz.

Call 'Bagby Radio' on 123.25Mhz (Radio not always manned but make all calls as normal.) Do not overfly Bagby village. Non radio Aircraft please obtain telephone Briefing. Circuit height 800ft QFE. Join by most direct method but not overhead or deadside.


Circuit  LH to 24, RH to 06                            

Circuit  LH to 33, RH to 15     Compulsory routing via sewage works. 33/15 only to be used in emergency due to planning issues.                         

If you are using VOR we will be found on the 052 radial from Pole Hill at 40nm distance, Pole Hill (POL) is on 112.1MHz or the 170 radial from Newcastle at 52nm distance. Newcastle (NEW) is on 114.25MHz.

Always call the airfield for the latest information on 01845 597385 or 07736775463

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